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The Wonders of Night By Bike.



On a bicycle you can’t help but notice how beautiful it is to travel guided by the light of stars.

With an iron roof overhead you don’t get to see, never mind experience, the peace and calm of the night and stars.

How is it that we’ve managed to loose sight of the fact that the stars are there to guide us, and indeed used to guide us, so much so that we created whole myths and legends around them as we followed them.

How it is that we’ve lost sight of the fact that we had every light we ever needed to guide us through the dark of the night, and we’ve replaced the soft twinkle of scattered stars with rigid lines of evenly-spaced street lamps.

In place of stars and stories, and myths and legends, we now have illuminated concrete.

We lost sight of the beauty of night travel after we all started traveling by car.

You only ever get to notice how calm the darkness is and just how beautiful the stars are when you travel on two wheels with nothing above you to blot out the sky.

In the darkness and calmness of a night ride, you get to wonder at who it was that gave us stars, and thank whatever it was that had you take to bicycling.



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