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Zapisz Zapisz

Skirt Garter for Biking

Bicycle Babes it’s summer in the southern hemisphere so it’s biking in skirts time!

For those of you in winter, keep this in the back of your bicycle mind.

Another clever skirt idea is here, this one is from Bird Industries, based in Minneapolis USA, and all hand crafted by none other than a Bicycle Babe!

Transform Traffic Congestion.

Author and guest blogger, Rachel Smith, decongests the problem of traffic congestion because we have a problem!

The average Aussie, British and American family spends more time sitting in their car than they spend sitting around their own kitchen table.

The average adult spends the first two months of every working year just covering the cost of maintaining a car, and many of us will spend more than $25,000 a year on parking fees.

Silverbeet Soup That Will Surprise!

This recipe is going to knock your silverbeet socks off!

Everyone hates silverbeet right, and so they should! It’s simply a terrible vegetable, right? Wrong! So wrong!

Silverbeet (also called Chard) might look ‘too good for you’ to be palatable, but this is one misunderstood culinary delight.

So the story goes I’m looking after a friend’s house while she’s on holiday and in the garden is a huge pot of silverbeet.

Celery Smoothie – Start Your Day Fresh!

How you start your day sets you up for enjoying every moment, or wishing you were back in bed.

This celery breakfast smoothie is a simple way to start your mornings feeling fresh, filled and ready to ride!



1 small banana – a source of potassium,

The Bachelor? Ride Like the Wind, Ladies!

Let us weigh in on The Bachelor debate, bicycle babes.

No one has mentioned the fact that this is one of the few times in human history when we are witness to a man behaving like a damsel in distress and wooing women by fluttering his ‘multi-colour’ eyes.

Thanks, Lana, for pointing that out, again!

There almost isn’t a single moment in history when men have wanted,

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