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Zapisz Zapisz

The Secrets To Amsterdam’s Bicycle Success.

Amsterdam did something few cities have ever tried, they made the bicycle king instead of the car. The results speak for themselves.

This video is part of a global series of films documenting the stories of the world’s One Billion Bicycles, filmed and edited by independent filmmakers Bojun Bjorkman-Chiswell and Sarah Cowhey.

Created by the filmmakers to unearth the stories of the world’s bicycles and its importance to humanity, the film series journeys across 5 continents, 20 countries and over 140 interviews with high-powered ambassadors in Bejing through to a man in a bicycle wheelchair in the dusty streets of Mozambique.

The films reveal the never seen before stories of people, around the world, who use the bicycle for work, transport and health, and their fight for their right to road space.

The project continues to give voice to the bicycle users of the world and the injustice, sabotage and corruption they face simply because they choose to get about freely.

Donations to the One Billon Bicycle global film project go directly toward the filming, editing and broadcast of the films. Donations can be made via PayPal: INFO@THEBIKEINMYLIFE.COM or via the DONATE button on the website.

2 Responses
  • Melika Chiswell
    0, December 20, 2012

    Hi Bojun,
    just checked out your clips from your travels so far and just wanted to say I think they are great! Really well put together, presented, edited and interesting viewing. I hope it has the same impact on those in Melbourne who can make some positive biking changes to the city. It would make it an even more amazing and cool place to live.

  • Elena Frazzetto
    0, December 31, 2012

    Love all your clips, Bojun.
    I am inspired. Will be taking my bike in for a complete check-up.
    Your love for the environment and peoples’ health is to be commended.
    Love, Elena
    Team2 Team Leader

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