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New Bicycle Skirt Clip – KATCH!

The KATCH skirt clip for summer-breeze bicycle babes! The KATCH skirt clip for summer-breeze bicycle babes!

Riding a bicycle in a skirt is one of life’s greatest joys for both bicycle babes, and everyone else looking on!

Luckily you never need impersonate Marilyn Munroe on your ride to work because there are some funky options available to hold everything in place.

That said don’t let us supress the urge to ride with the wind in your skirt!

The KATCH skirt clip is a new design by ARBR Studio, based in Arizona, and here’s how it stood up in our high-tech bicycle-babe wind tunnel.


1. Magnetic Clip – a small flat magnet holds your skirt and the clip together and so you can wear your finest silk skirt and it won’t crease!

2. Cute Colours – the KATCH comes in fun colours turning a practical contraption in to a cute accessory. In fact it’s so cute it can double as a bracelet!

3. Minis to Middies – the KATCH is perfect for short and mid-length skirts. It can be clipped to both the front and back of the skirt, or just to the front and the weight of the clips keeps the skirt from blowing up.

4. Weighted – the weight of the magnet and clip is perfect for stopping your skirt from from blowin up, but not so heavy that it draggs or pulls at the fabric.

The KATCH bicycle skirt clip comes in a range of colours to match your outfit. The KATCH bicycle skirt clip comes in a range of colours to match your outfit.


The KATCH is a cool concept, but it doesn’t meet every skirt challenge.

1. Slippery – on our test ride, the magnet and the shiny vinyl of the clip didn’t grip slippery skirt fabrics like linnen, silk and satin, and the skirt pulled out of the clip with each leg movement.

2. Restricted Walking – with a long skirt the design of the KATCH (holding the front and back of the skirt together between the legs) meant walking between riding was impossible – this can be remedied by only clipping it to the front of the skirt and using the weight of the magnet to hold the skirt down.

3. Only sold in USA – in the age of the internet, as well as the shortage of great bicycle babe products, we’re a fan of world-wide shipping.

1. Large Clip – we wouldn’t classify the KATCH as ugly, in fact it’s super funky, but it is not subtle. Make sure to match it with your outfit or it can look odd.

We rate it 7/10

The KATCH retails for $20USD and can be purchased (in the USA) via their online shop, or in selected USA retailers.

Currently not shipping world-wide or stocked outside the USA.


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