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Hand-made Bicycle Bag from Motley Goods

Bootilicious Bags from the Bay

Bootilicious Bags from the Bay


Bicycle bags – also known as panniers – are an essential bicycle babe accessory, but not just any bag will do!

Personally I’m a bicycle basket kind of babe, but there are times and places when a bicycle bag, that’s waterproof and can be easily removed, does a much better job of keeping laptops, purses and heels dry.

If you live in a place that rarely rains baskets are the go, but if you live in a city were you might, on occasion, get caught in rain shower then bicycle pannier bags will rock your bicycle world.

Bicycle pannier bags are not know for being budget items so if you are going to spend your bicycle accessory budget on a set, you want them to be 1. bespoke,  2. beautiful and 3. made to last a life time.

Cleveland Motley, founder of San Francisco’s Motley Goods, makes bicycle bags that are all that and more!


I asked Cleveland to reveal the secret to his bicycle bags, so at his warehouse studio in down town San Francisco, he showed me how he designs, and then hand cuts and sews each bag to his customer’s personal perfection.

His bags are waterproof, include padding for laptops, attached to the bicycle quickly and come off easily, convert to a backpack, are durable to the max and look amazing!


So good in fact that he sells them all over the world, and his two best customers just happen to be bicycle babes and boys all the way over in Melbourne, Australia and the geeks down the street @ Twitter.

So it’s Melbourne Vs Twitter in a booticlicious bicycle bag buy off. GO MELBOURNE!


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