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Duxback Rain Poncho – Carradice

Carradice are the ‘original british bicycle bag company’ and they sure make a lot of bags, but we wanted to test their rain poncho!

1. Eco Friendly – waxed cotton is the original water-proof fabric so it’s eco-friendly at the end of its life cycle, cotton production is not always sustainable.

2. Extra Large – this cape is BIG, it covers everything at the front and back.

3. Waist Strap – the cape also has a waist tie that helps to keep the whole cape in place.

4. Reflective – the cape has ScotchliteT reflective strips on the back, making you bright at night!

5. Fabric Finish – waxed cotton can be re-proofed to keep it water tight for years to come.
1. Weight – waxed cotton is heavier than synthetic fabrics and on our ride it felt a little too heavy. It also wasn’t easy to stash in a bicycle basket.

2. Drying – waxed cotton doesn’t dry as quickly as synthetics fabrics.

3. Handle-Bar Straps – the cape has strings under the front – similar to the Clevehood – so that it can be secured over the handle bars and keep your hands, knees and shoes dry however, the straps are too long and not well placed.

We found that in a bicycle breeze the front of the cape blows up because the wrist straps don’t keep the front edge tight over the bars.

4. Hood – the hood is a little small and isn’t shaped as well as the Cyclette hood.

5. Collar – the collar is open at the neck and can’t be fastened closed, or raised over the chin.

We recon in wet whether you need a high collar that reaches right to the cheeks to really make it water tight.

This cape is techincally good, but don’t wear it down the main street of Paris! It’s not the best looking rain cape on the market.


The Duxback can be purchased online, or find a stockist near you!

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