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Belgian Bicycle Fashion Better Than Chocolate.

A  pair, or two, of genuine-leather fashion gloves is one of my best bicycle-babe secrets. They protect your hands from sunburn, handle bar chafe, cold wind, and in the unlikely event of tipping over, they protect your skin from scratches.

So it was to my utter delight when I discovered some of the world’s best bicycle-babe leather gloves in Belgium!

I was about to give up on Brussels in the bicycle fashion department because despite the Belgians all riding funky fold-up bicycles, the Belgians are not renown for their bicycle fashion sense!

However, on my last day I discovered that they do one essential fashion item for bicycle babes very well!

In a tiny shop, Ganterie Italienne, tucked away in the Galleries Royales St Hubert, is the underground workshop of expert glove-maker Pauwels Donat.

The shop and workshop have been run by the same family since 1890 and Donat,