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eBikes: to bosch or not?

Everyone is talking about eBikes because anything with an “e” in the name is evolved and edgy, right?

But are e-bikes actually worth the extra thousand or two to buy, and should you trade in your humble pushy to electrify your ride?

I got the chance to find out the answer this week when Bosch delived a bicycle fitted with their brand new Bosch eBike System.


The first thing to note is that while the Bosch eBike System might be a good eBike option, you still need to ensure the bicycle it is fitted to is a great bicycle. No amount of ‘E’ can make a bad bicycle better.

Here’s how things panned out on my Bicycle Babe test ride.

The Good

1. Speed

Cities Built for Women? Everyone wins!

Re-Blog from CityMetric…

“{In cities] treating people equally often translates as treating people like men.

[But] what works for men, as imagined by city hall, doesn’t necessarily work for everyone else.

By treating us in a way that suits this male ideal, the rest of us are disadvantaged – often in surprising ways.

Women are more likely than men to walk, bike and use public transport, whereas men are more likely to drive.

By prioritising clearing the roads, the city was prioritising the way men choose to travel, despite the fact that walking or pushing a stroller though 10cm of snow is much harder than driving a car through it.

So the city changed the order of snow-clearing to focus on the pavements and cycle paths first, particularly around schools.

As an unexpected by-product,

Mini Bicycle Bag For The Mobile

A handle-bar bag or basket is a bicycle addition that you don’t want to miss!

A bicycle basket or crate is of course essential, but all too often a small handle-bar bag or basket is missed!

These little front-end wonders have much to offer. They are the perfect place to stash your silk scarf, sunglasses and keys, and that’s just for starters.

My handle-bar bag carries everything from my Georgia In Dublin rain skirt and jacket through to chain oil, a seat rain cover and two pairs of fashion leather bicycle gloves.

This week I put the Carradice mini handle-bar bag through its Bicycle Babe paces.

The Good

1. Water Repellent – well you’d hope so!


Rain Hats Make You Happy!

Rain hats are the perfect solution to the ‘bicycle blindspot’!

If you wore a yellow rain hat as a child then you’re super lucky, and if you didn’t then welcome to a super cute and clever concept in bicycle rainwear.

Raincoats, with a hood, have the perpetual problem of the ‘bicycle blindspot’- whenever you turn your head the hood obscures the side vision and it’s just a pain.

A rain hat, with a tapered brim, turns with you and the side view is clear!

Luckily for the world’s bicycle babes, the clever team at Happy Rainy Days have brough back the rain hat in style.
Here’s how it faired in my Bicycle Babe test:
The Good/strong
Style – these hats are cute and colorful!

Skirt Garter for Biking

Bicycle Babes it’s summer in the southern hemisphere so it’s biking in skirts time!

For those of you in winter, keep this in the back of your bicycle mind.

Another clever skirt idea is here, this one is from Bird Industries, based in Minneapolis USA, and all hand crafted by none other than a Bicycle Babe!

I tested their skirt garter in my favorite silk bicycle skirt and here are the test results.

The Good

1. Secure – this skirt garter certainly won’t fall off. Unlike the KATCH which had slippage issued on silk and linen fabrics.

2. Subtle – the garter strap is very easily hidden under your skirt.


Transform Traffic Congestion.

Author and guest blogger, Rachel Smith, decongests the problem of traffic congestion because we have a problem!

The average Aussie, British and American family spends more time sitting in their car than they spend sitting around their own kitchen table.

The average adult spends the first two months of every working year just covering the cost of maintaining a car, and many of us will spend more than $25,000 a year on parking fees.

Our cities are killing us, but most of all they are robbing us of our money and our precious time. Many of us now spend more than 15 hours a week sitting in traffic, and more than 80% of us are failing to get an hour of exercise every day.

A text message I receive from my friend Michelle who lives and works in Brisbane says it all:

“Been stuck on the bus home for over an hour now.

Silverbeet Soup That Will Surprise!

This recipe is going to knock your silverbeet socks off!

Everyone hates silverbeet right, and so they should! It’s simply a terrible vegetable, right? Wrong! So wrong!

Silverbeet (also called Chard) might look ‘too good for you’ to be palatable, but this is one misunderstood culinary delight.

So the story goes I’m looking after a friend’s house while she’s on holiday and in the garden is a huge pot of silverbeet.

I pride myself on being able to cook with something underwhelming and make something amazing.

So every day when I walk past the pot of silverbeet I’m sure it whispers to me, ‘You can’t do it, can you!’

Until one day I’ve had enough of its taunts and I cut six shimmering silverbeet leaves.

Now it’s Bicycle Babe one, Silverbeet zero.

A World Best in Bicycle Rainwear

Georgia In Dublin - Rainwrap.

Georgia In Dublin – Rainwrap.

Nobody wants to look bad, but let’s face it bicycle rainwear does not have a good reputation, by anyone’s standards, least of all Bicycle Babe standards.

So when I tested out Georgia In Dublin bicycle rainwear, designed by mother-daughter duo Nickie and Georgia, I was not only dry, I was delighted!

I’m going to assert that they make the best bicycle rainwear I’ve come across in my global search for Bicycle Babe fashion and accessories, and that’s saying something because I’ve literally travelled the world!

Georgia In Dublin is a boutique bicycle fashion house in Dublin, Ireland, that specializes in beautifully styled and clevery designed women’s bicycle rainwear.

Their products have won awards, and rightly so,

Essential Self Care Tip For A Bicycle Life


Self care is not a phrase I ever used when I drove a car. Sitting still doesn’t seem to take much of a toll on the body, so taking special care of yourself doesn’t seem necessary.

How wrong that was!

Sitting still takes the ultimate toll on your body, people who sit still for most of the day lose years off their life, but because it’s a toll that slowly keeps up on you, we don’t normally take any notice.

A bicycle lifestyle not only has you feeling great each day, but it has you feeling great for life!

Pedaling your way to work, or wherever else you need to go, gets your blood flowing as it should be, your muscles flexing as they are designed to,

Celery Smoothie – Start Your Day Fresh!

How you start your day sets you up for enjoying every moment, or wishing you were back in bed.

This celery breakfast smoothie is a simple way to start your mornings feeling fresh, filled and ready to ride!



1 small banana – a source of potassium, essential for heart health, but best known for preventing muscle cramps in athletes.
4 large strawberries – contain vitamin C and K, antioxidants for your skin.
1 large celery stick – full of phytonutrients that protect blood vessles and prevent inflammation.
3 medium kale leaves – one of the most nutrient rich plant foods!
1/2 cup coconut milk