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Rain Hats Make You Happy!

Rain hats are the perfect solution to the ‘bicycle blindspot’!

If you wore a yellow rain hat as a child then you’re super lucky, and if you didn’t then welcome to a super cute and clever concept in bicycle rainwear.

Raincoats, with a hood, have the perpetual problem of the ‘bicycle blindspot’- whenever you turn your head the hood obscures the side vision and it’s just a pain.

A rain hat, with a tapered brim, turns with you and the side view is clear!

Luckily for the world’s bicycle babes, the clever team at Happy Rainy Days have brough back the rain hat in style.
Here’s how it faired in my Bicycle Babe test:
The Good/strong>
1. Style – these hats are cute and colorful!

2. Waterproof – ummm yes!

3. Secure – the hat have a drawcord to keep it on in the bicycle breeze.

4. Options – the hats come in a range of colours that match the Happy Rainy Days’ rain coat and cape range, as well as different sizes.


The Bad

1. Sizing – the hat I tested, although a medium fit, was very large. Always go for the smaller sizes. A hat that’s too big won’t work!

2. Rear Styling – the length and shaping of the back brim seems to be just too short, causing it to catch on your rain cape and be pushed forward during riding.

The Ugly

Nothing in the ugly department to report – yay!

Bicycle Babe Rating

The hat is a great idea that with a few design modifications it will be awesome!


Where To Buy

Happy Rainy Days sell their bicycle rain hats online for European customers. The cape is also sold by stockists in Australia, and USA/Canadaian bicycle babes will soon be able to purchase the capes from Hip In The Rain, USA and Velocratia, Canada. The cape is not yet sold in Asia, Africa or South America.

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