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Best Bicycle Rain Cape – Happy Days!

Happy Rainy Days are a Dutch company started by two amazing women who “though there should be more happiness on rainy days” and so created a fashion line of rainware for all occasions. I tested out their rain cape for bicycle occasions!

1. Fashion – there is nothing better than functional clothing that’s also a fashion piece. Happy Rainy Day’s capes capture the art of looking great while feeling good.

2. Collar – Happy Rainy Days have perfected the bicycle rain-cape collar. It comes right up to your cheeks, completely seals out the rain with both a zip and velcro, and then opens wide for easy removal. Superb!

3. Hood – this cape has a really generous hood that completely covers your forehead, can be drawn tight around the face and loosened for quick removal.

4. Size – the front of this cape is long making it easy to throw over the handlebars for full leg, arm and hand coverage.

5. Hand loops – these clever additions are under the front of the cape and placed perfectly so you can hold the cape over your handale bars.

6. Waist strap – the cape can be tied around your waist from the inside to prevent you looking like Wonder Women mid flight, rather than just a Bicycle Babe having a wonderful time.

7. Pocket – the Happy Rainy Days ladies have thought of everything! A large pocket in the front of the cape is great for quickly stashing an item out of the rain and riding on. It’s even been designed so that heavy items won’t drag the cape down.

8. Light Weight – this cape is light weight and folds up easily for quick storage in your front basket or bag.

9. Quick Dry – the fabric is quick drying making it easy to remove and store instantly in a bag or basket.

10. Value for Money – this cape is one of the best priced bicycle rain capes we’ve found, plus its great design also makes it the best value for your bicycle-babe bucks.

A bicycle rain cape that fits any occasion!

A bicycle rain cape that fits any occasion!

1. Shoulders – this cape doesn’t have any shaping in the shoulder area making it easier for the wind to catch it and blow up the sides.

2. Sides – the cape is shorter at the sides than the Cleverhood and we found it let in a little rain.

3. Back – the cape is slightly short at the back so doesn’t give full coverage of your seat while both riding and dismounting.

4. Eco-friendly – the cape does not use specifically eco-freindly materials. However, the coated nylon is long lasting and durable, and the designers have been careful to ensure no child labour is used during manfacture.

The Happy Rainy Days line of bicycle rain capes are the best we’ve seen when it comes to style. There is a colour for every mood and bicycle moment. This rain cape is chic enough for Paris streets and Melbourne laneways!

This is one great bicycle rain cape!
I rate it 8/10.

Happy Rainy Days sell their bicycle rain capes online for European customers. The cape is also sold by stockists in Australia, and USA/Canadaian bicycle babes will soon be able to purchase the capes from Hip In The Rain, USA and Velocratia, Canada. The cape is not yet sold in Asia, Africa or South America.

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