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Mini Bicycle Bag For The Mobile

A handle-bar bag or basket is a bicycle addition that you don’t want to miss!

A bicycle basket or crate is of course essential, but all too often a small handle-bar bag or basket is missed!

These little front-end wonders have much to offer. They are the perfect place to stash your silk scarf, sunglasses and keys, and that’s just for starters.

My handle-bar bag carries everything from my Georgia In Dublin rain skirt and jacket through to chain oil, a seat rain cover and two pairs of fashion leather bicycle gloves.

This week I put the Carradice mini handle-bar bag through its Bicycle Babe paces.

The Good

1. Water Repellent – well you’d hope so!

2. Eco – like many of Carradice’s products the water-proofing is with waxed cotton, a great eco-friendly fabric.

3. Style – these bags certainly look super cute.

4. Versatile – this bag is designed to convert to a mini hang bag, great for quick trips to the shop.

The Bad

1. Size – although mini handle-bar bags always look fun, they really can’t carry much. This bag can fit a mobile phone and keys, and that’s about it.

2. Technical – while the fabric is water proof the technical design lets in the rain.

3. Secure – the bag attaches to the handle bars with a simple shoe-buckle, not secure enough to leave anything inside.

The Ugly

Mini handle-bar bags do a great job of looking good, unfortunately they aren’t altogether practical.

Bicycle Babe Rating 4/10
As anyone who gets about by bicycle knows, it’s simply not convenient to have to remove your bag from your bicycle every time you lock up your ride. And if it’s not completely waterproof it’s on the completely useless side the life.

Where To Buy
Carradice bags can be purchased online, or find a stockist near you!

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