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Bicycle Dress Clip Accessory by Nomonro

Anything that makes bicycling in a skirt better is on our summer-essentials list!

Duthch designer Nomonro make a dress clip for both summer breezes and winter winds.

We tested it out in Australia’s super hot summer, here’s how we went.

The Good:

1. Colour range – Nomonro clips come is all manner of designs and colours which means you can disguise it, or make it an eye-chatching addition to your outfit.

2. Non-slip – the clips are made from leather or fabric which means they don’t slip off silky dress fabrics, a problem we found with the plastic used for the KATCH skirt clip.

3. Multi-purpose – the Nomonro clip can be used for multiple other purposes like keeping wide trousers away from wheels and chains, holding your scarf or throw in place, securing head-phone cables to your jacket, stopping your shuolder bag from slipping, or even at the beach to clip your bikini pareo.

4. Social responsibility The clips are designed in the Netherlands and use vegetable-tanned leather manufactured locally in Italy , and the cotton clips are made in Poland by women who have fled domestic violence.
The Bad:

1. Kinks – The clip works like a hair clip and so can leave a kink in delicate dress fabrics. However, the clipping mechanism is gentle and the outer fabric softens it further so it won’t cut or permanently damage your dress, but be careful if you’re wearing silk or linnen.

2. Weighted – although the clip is the perfect weight to keep your skirt low, when clipped in the centre of your skirt it tends to feel like you just grew a small apendage between your legs!

To prevent this odd sensation we found placing the clip off centre, just touching one leg stops it swinging around too much.

For longer skirts the asymetrical clipping also works well when you dismount and walk, the clip doesn’t get caught between your ankles.

Our apologies, we didn’t intend this description to be sound x-rated!
The Ugly:

This is one cute clip! We couldn’t falt it in the fashion department. While some designs will not suit your personal style you are sure to find one, or many, that do.

Bicyce Babe Rating: 9/10

The clips retail from 11,95 EUR to 21,95 EUR and Nomonro sell online and they ship worldwide.

They can also be found in bicycle shops in Finland, Germany, Japan, Canada, UK, Netherlands and Belgium.

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