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Bicycle Birthday Cards by Kathryn Karr

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You would never guess from her name, but paper-cut artist, Kathryn Carr, is a bicycle fan.

“Freedom is what comes to my mind when I think of a bicycle”, says Carr.

“It can be the first taste of independence and breaking free for a child…a bicycle can take us places in a way that does not require motors or outside forces”.

For Carr the bicycle has certainly been an artistic force and throughout her work she has put everything from elephants to rabbits astride the humble bicycle, creating dreamlike images that leave the imagination wanting more.

elephant on bike copy
Along with bicycle much of Carr’s inspiration comes from children’s books.

“I remember being entranced by their stories and I loved to get lost in the illustrations”.

Carr’s work is just as enchanting as a fairy tale, and her images have been used for everything from greeting cards to tea towls.

Blueberry bears copy

Creating her intricate paper silhouettes is much more work than whimsy, and involves a detailed process of wild imagination, multiple sketches, crafting the final image and then delicately cutting away the positive or negative spaces in paper.

Carr’s original paper-cut works are framed and sold along with her printed cards and other items.

Carr also takes commissioned requests, we think a range of bicycle-babe t-shirts might be in order!
Bike girlprint
To see more of Kathryn Carr’s work visit her website:

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