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Active & Travel Fashion by Bago Studio

Active wear the looks like every day fashion!

No one likes bicycle lycra, especially not Bicycle Babes, but I have to admit it is kinda comfy!

Lucky we have Bicycle Babes like Bago Studio designer, Kellie Mobbs, who has a mission is to create beautiful active wear and lifestyle fashion for Bicycle Babes, adventurers and travelers alike.

Lycra is it not, but she uses super strechy high-performance fabrics including bamboo, wicking polyester and liquid titanium PET to craft stylish fashion for active outtings, adventure expeditions and every day bicycle travels.

I tested out a sample skirt from Bago and here’s how is shapes up:
The Good
1. Adjustable waist – while riding a bicycle the waistline of your jeans or skirt makes a massive difference. Personally I find low wasited garments the most comfortable by bicycle, but I like to wear high-waited skirts. This skirt has the very clever addition of an adjustable draw cord so you can wear it at whatever waist level you like!

2. Fabric weight – the fabric used (57% Tax Bamboo and 43% Wicking Polyester) is the perfect bicycle skirt weight, it doesn’t get easily whipped up in the wind. I still recommend wearing a skirt clip.

3. Performance fabric – Bago Studio designs use high-tech fabrics that are breathable, fast drying and don’t need any ironing. What a breeze!

4. Pocket – there is nothing more annoying than having no pockets. This skirt along with Bago Studio’s other active wear include a secure zip pocket.

5. Ethical – Bago Studio clothing is sweat shop free!
The Bad
1. Insulation – the one downside to performance fabrics is they don’t provide much insulation. On a bicycle polyester and other non-natural fabrics are rather breezy.

2. Odour – body odour is rarely a problem for Bicycle Babes who prefer style over speed, but non-natural fibres have a tendancy to cause the skin to sweat more than natural fabrics. Bago Studio use odor-resistant fabrics.
The Ugly
Bago Studio make it their business to design beautiful fabrics, so you are sure to find something that takes your fancy!
Bicycle Babe Rating
Bago Studio have gone out of their way to create great fashion for Bicycle Babes and anyone living large. It’s sweat shop free and uses sustainable fires such as Bamboo. It was hard to fault.
Where To Buy
You will find Bago Studio’s latest designs for sale on their website, they ship to the USA, UK and some countires in Asia and Europe, and Brazil. You will also find their range at The Dress Collective.

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