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Zapisz Zapisz

A Blog for Bicycle Babes

Bringing the bicycle back one bicycle babe at a time!

This is a blog for bicycle babes and women who want to ride!
In 2007 I sold my car, traded it in for a bicycle, and never looked back!

Since then I start the original bicycle babe lifestyle blog,, travelled to 62 cities, in 32 countries, across five continents, and conducted over 140 interviews to document and report on the importance of the bicycle to humanity, and been featured in media around the world on bringing the bicycle back.

I’m the first woman to be invited to give the keynote address at the world’s biggest bicycle conference, VeloCity.  Yes, it took them until 2014 to invite a woman!  I’ve spoken about bicycles, and their role in cities, for TEDx, The AustralianWomen’s Ride, The Sydney Morning Herald and ABC Radio National, and a bicycle (not mine) and I, were featured in a Mashable online campaign.
I’m a trained journalist and documentary filmmaker and my writing, films and photography have been featured in media around the world, including Treadlie Magazine, Me Lo Dijo Lola, The Otago Daily Times, and with the ABC.
I’m also a Public Relations Consultant and have advised politicians, bureaucrats and police on bicycle policies, and public relations strategies, that encourage women to use bicycles in cities.
My father taught me to ride a bicycle, but my mother taught me to sew, so I’m now combining my two passions and embarking on a new bicycle adventure and designing my own range of bicycle fashion, body products and bicycle accessories for women.
The range is based on based on my personal experience, interviews with bicycle babes around the world, and my world tour that revealed a global dearth of bicycle products that truely meet the needs and desires of women, and cater to the unique roles women on bicycles play in the world.
Generous sponsors of my work to bring the bicycle back, one bicycle babe at a time, include (but limited to) Birkenstock, Cathy Pacific, Car Next Door, Ann Chiswell Designs and many other amazing people around the world, I thank you!
This blog will get you where you want to go with fun, freedom and fashion. Welcome bicyclebabes !