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Zapisz Zapisz

Experience The Freedom and Fashion Of A Bicycle For Christmas

You know it’s the silly season when a man bicycles past wearing a suit and a very large paier-mache possum hat.

That’s one of the best things about bikes: you actually get to sport –to wear, display, carry,  especially with ostentation, show off –  your finest outfits.

Travel by car and only the front office staff notice your new shoes. Travel by bike and the whole world gets to share in the fun of your sartorial splendor, be that a possum hat or a pair of Jimmy Choo’s.

Frankly, what is fashion for other than to flaunt, and what is transport for other than to give us a sense of the freedom to go where we please with ease, and what is life for other than to have fun.

So if you want a Christmas filled with fun, fashion and freedom, give yourself the gift of two wheels, and do yourself the favour of parking the four.

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