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Fast Food Ideas – Five Minute Salad

5 Minute Food for Bicycle Babes on the GO! 5 Minute Food for Bicycle Babes on the GO!

This has to be one of my favourite salads – it takes 5 mins to make and 5 seconds to eat – it’s so good!

1. One 95g can of (dolphin safe) tuna
2. Generaous hand full of broccolini
3. 4 small to medium shitake mushrooms
4. Dried (unslated) sewseed
5. Thick slice of grapefruit (lemon will substitute)
6. Thick slice of orange
7. Falt tsp of turmeric power
8. Piece of fresh ginger (about the size of a marble)
9. 3 x medium cloves of garlic
10. 1 tbs of unsweetened balsamic vinegar (rice wine or apple cider vinegar will substitute)
11. 1 dessert spoon of ketjap manis or sweet soy sauce (normal soy sauce and honey or sweet chilli sause and soy sauce will substitute).

All raw ingredients - with a dash of warm broccolini is delicious! All raw ingredients – with a dash of warm broccolini is delicious!

To Make:
1. Put full kettle on to boil.
2. Place tuna in bowl and drizzle with juice of grapefruit.
2. Sprinkle tuna with turmeric powder.
3. Finely chop ginger and add to tuna.
4. Chop broccolini in to bite size pieces.
5. Slice shitake mushrooms.
6. Place broccolini and musrooms in a bowl of boiling water for 20 – 30 seconds (until broccolini is bright green and shitake bright white)
7. Drain water off and add broccolini and mushrooms to top of tuna.
8. Drizzle hot broccolini and mushrooms with juice of orange and balasmic vinegar.
9. Finely chop garlic and add to top of broccolini and mushrooms.
10. Lastly drizzle with ketJap manis (or sweet chilli sauce) and sprinkle with generous handfull of dry seaweed.

Toss salad and eat immediately!
This dish tastes amazing when the broccolini and mushrooms are still warm (not hot)and before the seasweed has had time to soften in the liquid.

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